Beijing Automotive Works (BAW), a subsidiary of Beijing Automobile Industry Holding Company (BAIC) in China, Industrial development corporation (IDC) and Golden Gate Development Trust have invested R196 million in a new assembly plant(BAWSA) in Springs to produce taxi vehicles for the domestic and sub-Saharan markets.
BAWSA mainly produces 16 seater high spec passenger vehicle which targets the taxi market. The vehicles are built to suit the South African conditions and emphasize the features of safety, comfort, reliability and powerfulness; we provide 500,000KM free service plan and insurance covers both the vehicle and the passenger. Our customized product created an effective operation model which provides our clients with both instalment and rental options to choose from. We get feedback from many of our clients that our product and operation model settled all of their concerns. Our product started from nothing and now attracts a lot of attention in the local market. Currently we already founded the local supplier system and the quantity for localized parts is increasing; With regards to reliability, BAW SASUKA already has one vehicle which already run and exceed more than 500,000KM and is still safely running; and our clientele base is spreading from SA to the other Africa countries.

 What is next for BAW South Africa

In the past few years ,we did a lot of fundamental work to the whole business chain, marketing demand is increasing every year, so BAW china and IDC decided to invest  R250 million to enlarge localized production scale to CKD. The expansion includes building a new body shop, new paint shop, new trim shop and upgrading power equipment. The design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the project will be jointly completed by BAW china, Tianjin design and research institute and SA AG consulting. The construction planed to be finished in 2018, and the CKD plant will create more than 100 direct jobs.

BAW SA will always undertake society and corporate responsibility and will continue with the company principle to service the local public transportation industry and provide training for local workers. After we launch our diesel model vehicle on 6th NOV 2017, we will introduce more models like Panel van, Luxury vehicle and electro-car etc.into the market, to satisfy the demand of the whole African market. Upgrading our plant to CKD plant and expanding BAW SA localized production scale will definitely contribute a lot to the motor industry and economy of SA.